DoorDash busted for alcohol deliveries

UberEats also charged with selling to college students

STATE ALCOHOL regulators busted DoorDash and Uber Eats this weekend for delivering alcohol to Boston-area college students.

Students, mostly around 19-years-old, ordered and paid for the alcohol through the apps using fake out-of-state IDs. The food delivery drivers picked up alcohol from The Wild Duck liquor store and delivered it to students, according to Treasurer Deborah Goldberg’s office, which oversees the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission and its investigators.

Between Labor Day and Halloween, the ABCC found over 300 minors in possession or transporting alcoholic beverages, 40 adults getting alcohol for minors and about 100 individuals with fake IDs.

In November 2021, ABCC investigators cited GoPuff, another food delivery app, for the sale and delivery of alcohol to over 20 underaged college students in the Boston area.

“We want to draw attention and make sure that people are aware that underage drinking can have devastating consequences on them and those they love,” Goldberg said. “To prevent these situations and increase awareness, we are educating college students and their families, as well as proactively targeting specific events and time periods continuously throughout the year.”

The ABCC annually implements Operation Safe Campus, which aims to keep alcohol out of the hands of underaged students, under the direction of the state treasurer’s office.

Date of Article: November 7, 2022



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